August 23rd, 2016

Peppercornz on Main has big news.  It is with excited, yet heavy hearts, that we want to share with all of you
that we have decided to pass the torch to new owners.  After 13 years of 70 hour weeks and more than our
share of grey hair it’s time to move on to “what’s next”.  It’s certainly a bittersweet decision, but happily, we have
sold the location to a great company who will be opening their fifth Mexican restaurant in this location. 
The staff is secure in their jobs if they wish to stay and we're very confident that all of our customers
will be treated well with the new owners and concept. 

Given the timing of license approvals and transfers, we expect we’ll be here for the next 4-8 weeks. 
Our final day will be confirmed after all approvals are in and we'll let you know when we're certain of that date. 
In the meantime, WE'RE STILL HERE!  We truly hope that you will visit us at least one more time before we close!  

So many of you have been such strong supporters from our first little restaurant on Columbian Street to today. 
We hope you all realize how truly critical your regular support is to small business owners like us.  Happily,
many of you have also become friends, and we hope that remains long after we lock the door for the last time. 

We wouldn’t trade one moment of the last 13 years, thanks in large part to customers like all of you.

Forever Grateful,

Linda and Taylor

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